After a day or two of stretching out and soaking up the Sun on the Beach. You will definitely need to do something more exciting. We have various activities to occupy your time such as:

Snorkeling You can find more coral species and marine life.

Fishing Can organised, quided by a local fisherman.

Scuba Diving By a local Sailing boat.

Dolphin sightining To south Coast. An opportunity to swim and sightning dolphin.

Jozani forest trip Where Red colabus and Blue monkeys can be found.

Village Tours Visiting the whole Jambiani village escorted by local quide.

Bicycle Rent Where you can cycle about the village.

OTHER FACILITIES: Table tennis / Beach volleyball and Football
Chess game / disc throwing / kite flying
Pool Table/ Darts and Zanzibarian Bao game
Books Library.

You can come and go as you please, Spending your time doing as much or as little as you want. NO WORRIES or As They say here in Zanzibar "HAKUNA MATATA"